About Journal

Iranian journal of management sciences (IAMS) is an international research journal published quarterly for the purpose of advancing the scientific studies. To be published in IAMS, a manuscript must make strong  empirical and/or theoretical contributions of  those contributions to the management field. So, preference is given to  articles that test, extend, or build strong theoretical frameworks while  empirically investigating the issues with high importance for management  theories and practices.

The journal includes articles including:

  • Accounting

  • Business Strategy

  • Decision Analysis

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • Finance

  • Information Systems

  • Marketing

  • Operations Management

  • Optimization

  • Organization

The Journal is indexed in the following databases:


1. The Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC): http://mjl.isc.gov.ir/Searchresult.aspx

2. Scientific Information Database (Islamic Republic of Iran) (SID): http://www.SID.ir

3. Information Bank Islamic Republic of Iran: http://www.magiran.com

4. The title and the publication in the "list of issues with the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology": http://journals.msrt.ir/?list&pub=156