The Analysis of the Effect of Electronic Service Quality on Online Customer Retention in Tehran’s Brokerage Firms


Creating and maintaining long term relationships with customers is vital for the survival of organizations. So, in many organizations, especially service organizations, special attention is paid to service quality. In this article studies the impact of perceived electronic service quality in creating customers’ trust, satisfaction and loyalty in Tehran’s brokerage firms. In conceptual model consisted of constructs; efficiency, system availability, reliability, privacy and information quality. The research results indicate that there is a positive relationship between the perceived electronic service quality and level of online customers’ trust, satisfaction and loyalty in brokerage firms.


اعرابی، سید محمد و اسفندیاری، شهرام. (1382)؛ تعیین و اندازه گیری شاخص­های کیفیت خدمات Servqual ؛ فصلنامه مدیریت صنعتی، شماره 2؛ صفحات1 تا 20.
مدنی محمدی، حمید؛ (1385)، تدوین مدلی برای رتبه بندی شرکت­های کارگزاری بورس اوراق بهادار تهران؛ فصلنامه اندیشه صادق؛ شماره 23؛ ص 65-82 .