The effect of environmental scenarios on the performance of marketing dynamic system: A study of stock exchange brokerages

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Stock exchange market, as an important institution for financial resources allocation, plays a fundamental role in the fast and continuous economic growth. Stock exchange brokerage’s performance is very influential in attracting and remaining stockholders in market. This paper is aimed at modeling the dynamics of brokerage’s marketing system and simulate key factors as marketing effectiveness, customer satisfaction and loyalty using System Dynamics approach. The research model is simulated and analyzed by Vensim DSS. For testing the reliability of the model, RMSE has been calculated. We used Scenario Planning approach to investigate the important and uncertain environmental factors affecting brokerages marketing system. The results of testing different policies under scenarios show that the most influential factor in improving marketing effectiveness is customer relationship management which can enhance marketing effectiveness to seventy percent that implies twenty progress. Besides in stock market’s boom and parallel market recession, increasing marketing impact can noticeably improve marketing effectiveness.