Modeling of Sustainable Industrial Development in Aras Free Zone

Document Type : Original Manuscript



Identification of the factors that affect sustainable industrial development and the analysis of the dynamic interaction of these factors over time can be used to help understand the behavior of ecosystem in response to industrial policies. This would lead to the implementation of sustainable industrial development. This study aims at providing a causal model for sustainable industrial development using Meta-synthesis and system dynamics approach. At first, a literature review was designed to provide an overview of related research. Afterwards, using Meta-synthesis approach, the variables associated with sustainable industrial development were identified. The Critical Appraisal Skills Programme method was used to evaluate the quality and findings validity. For approving the accuracy of the variables, opinions of experts were referred and reviewed. To assess reliability, and the kappa (κ) statistic was used in SPSS. Then, 64 selected research were reviewed. The findings show 44 codes in 15 dimensions and 3 categories. These categories are economic development, social welfare and environmental protection. Finally, the results helped to obtain a causal model of sustainable industrial development. The findings can also provide an appropriate framework for correcting mangers and policy maker’s mental models. These finding can also help all correspondents to choose appropriate industrial development policies.