Entrepreneurial ecosystem is a necessary or sufficient condition for competitiveness

Document Type : Research Paper



Competitiveness takes form in the context of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, leading to the development of industries and regions. Therefore, studying the entrepreneurship and competitiveness ecosystem has attracted many researchers. The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of the eight dimensions of the entrepreneurial ecosystem (infrastructure, research and development, policy, finance, non-financial support, markets, human capital, and entrepreneurial culture) on industry competitiveness. In this research we used a deterministic-fuzzy approach and the ecology and environmental theory as well. The sample consisted of one hundred and thirty active competitive companies as reflected in the Herfindahl index. Data were collected using a questionnaire and analyzed by fsQCA and SPSS software. Findings indicate that for industries to become  competitiveness, from  the eight 8 dimensions of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, five are the required conditions and three are adequate conditions. Also, three types of rigorous standard analysis were extracted from the dimensions of entrepreneurship ecosystem in the direction of paths of competitiveness of industries.