Designing a network governance model in Iran’s health care system

Document Type : Research Paper



Complexity, ambiguity, and wicked problems in today’s human societies, makes network governance an indisputable instrument for achieving public values. Furthermore, attention to Health Care is vital because of respecting the human dignity and the role it plays in prosperity of Iranian society. This paper is aimed to design a synergic network governance model and investigate its components in Iran`s health care system. The present study uses a semi-structured interviews and collecting the experts and specialists point of views and ideas on related issues as well. We conducted 15 interviews and investigated 29 documents via  selective and snowballing method. Using a thematic analysis, we identified 913 codes, 78 sub-themes, and 23 overarching themes. The Lincoln and Guba's Evaluative Criteria is used to insure the trustworthiness of this research study. The findings demonstrate a model consisting of antecedents, internal mechanisms of governance networks, requisites, context, external functions of governance networks, and outcomes of network governance in Iran`s health care system. Finally research proposals and limitations are presented.