the effect of decomposed theory of planned behavior on consumer purchase behavior of luxury brands

Document Type : Research Paper



Today, competition in all industries, including the luxury brands industry, has been increased so consumer behavior is crucial to be successful in achieving market share. In order to identify the factors affecting the intention and behavior of luxury brands consumers in this study, the theory of planned behavior was used. The present study is descriptive-survey in terms of purpose and in terms of nature and method. A questionnaire was distributed among 390 consumers of Dorsa leather brand through cluster sampling method. Structural equation method with partial least squares approach was used for data analysis. According to the results of the study, the variables of attitude, internal perceived behavioral control and group adaptation had an effect on purchase intention, while subjective norms, face-saving and perceived external behavioral control did not have a significant effect on purchase intention. Also behavior intention has no effect on purchase behavior. face-saving and group conformity also influence the purchase intention through attitude. Applying the results of this research and understanding effective factors can affect the purchase intention of Iranian luxury brands.