The assessment of realization of the learning organization dimensions in the Iranian Public Owned Banks

Document Type : Research Paper



This paper, is aimed at assessing the learning organization dimensions in Iranian public banks (Melli, Sepah, Keshavarzi, and Maskan). We applied the Watkins and Marsick model, to study the level of organizational learning in above-mentioned banks. The paper, from user view, is an applied and in terms of its goal is a descriptive-survey one. The data were collected through the standardized DLOQ questionnaire which was designed based on seven-dimensional model of Watkins and Marsick. The questionnaire was distributed among 384 of the above-mentioned bank managers and staff   working at the Tehran branches. We used the SPSS software, version 21, to analyze the data. The findings of the study indicated that the public banks in Iran could be evaluated as weak and moderate on the continuum of learning Organization and that they were far from ideal learning organizations. Finally, to deal with the nonconformities with the learning organization specifications and reduce the gap between the current state and the ideal state of learning organization, some courses of action were suggested.