Coopetors in Engineering Services Industry (Developing a Conceptual Model)

Document Type : Research Paper



Coopetition strategy is a relationship in which collaboration and competition co-exist. The goal of cooperation is to create value for competitors and to appropriate a share of that value in an all-win scenario. The focus of this study is to investigate the concept of competitive collaboration in the engineering services industry. In this regard, one of the innovations of the present study is to try to design a conceptual model for this strategy and then to modify it based on the Iranian engineering services in the construction industry. Using grounded theory methodology as a qualitative method based on primary data of 12 in-depth interviews with experts of the field, a theoretical framework was formulated based on the systematic view of Strauss and Corbin. By gathering data and evidence from analysis of inter-firm level, our findings indicate the processes of formation, development, and management of coopetition in the engineering services in Iran. The conceptual model relationship for coopetition strategy in the field of engineering services includes the conditions, contexts, management, tensions, and outcomes of competitive collaboration.