Explainingthe effective Environmental Scaninig Pattern of Iran's sports Strategic Foresigh and drawing critical uncertainties

Document Type : Research Paper



The purpose of this paper was to design an effective Environmental Scanning model for Iran’s sports strategic foresight based on the STEEPELD model. This exploratory and mixed research was aimed at setting the critical uncertainties through a sample survey method. The statistical population were25  faculties of sports management who at least holding an associate professor degree. They were selected based on simple random sampling method.  In order to adjust the environmental factors, a 61-item questionnaire with convergent validity of (0.622) and composite reliability coefficient of (0.868) was designed. We used, Friedman test, structural equation modeling (PLS) and panel of experts for analysis of questionnaires. The results confirmed the overall fit of the model with eight environmental indicators and GOF = 0.745. The components of increasing social capital, expanding mass media and social networks, and developing a legal system were identified as key uncertainties. Therefore, the research model can be effective as a guide in predicting the future of sports organizations.