Responsible Management Education (RME): The evolution path, drivers and challenges

Document Type : Research Paper



In recent decades, the traditional economic-centric development model of management education has been questioned and criticized for its destructing social and environmental consequences. Meanwhile, the role of business schools in educating future managers and development influencers in many societies has been contemplated and demand for paying more attention to management education in areas of responsibility and sustainable development has increased. As a aresult of these demands, the concept of "Responsible Management Education", which focuses on corporate responsibilities and social impact of private sector activities on societies was born. The RME focal points refers to the environment, sustainable development, and business ethics in business school curriculums. In the last two decades, important developments have taken place in reference to RME and have opened up new discourses and paths in the field of management education and research. In this paper, we review a significant volume of related articles from reputable international publications, aiming at classifying the drivers and challenges business schools are facing, while introducing the evolution of RME.  Findings of this critical review of the literature indicate that following the first wave of changes in the curriculum of management schools, a new wave of demands for RME has been formed, which beyond just adding a limited number of optional or compulsory courses, calls for more fundamental changes and seeks to integrate these issues in the entire curriculum of business schools.