Providing a Model for Developing Dynamic Marketing Capabilities in Small and Medium Dairy Enterprises.

Document Type : Original Manuscript



The purpose of this study is to develop a model of dynamic marketing capabilities. We used grounded theory approach to conduct this qualitative research. A semi-structured interview with eight experts was performed to collect data. Data analysis was carried out in three stages of open, axial and selective coding in order to develop the research model. Based on the research findings, the axial category is marketing dynamic capability. Causal conditions include characteristics of industry competitive, individual and human, managerial and organizational and environmental monitoring systems. Contextual conditions include collective culture based on discourse and knowledge, customer relationship management, information technology platforms, and efficient manpower. confounding conditions include the government's macro policy, domestic economic factors, productive factors, developments in international communities, and social and cultural factors. Strategies include forming environmental monitoring teams, idea generation, holding discourse-based meetings, updating monitoring and environmental information systems, market orientation, facilitating knowledge sharing, and strengthening organizational learning processes; Finally, the consequences include sustainability of the business, better identification and understanding of customer needs, rapid reaction to environmental changes, new product development, increasing the quality of products, better adaptation to market conditions and strengthening the export vision.