Identifying and prioritizing the performance evaluation dimensions of the governors of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Document Type : Research Paper


1 دانشجوی دکتر مدیریت دولتی، دانشکده مدیریت و اقتصاد، دانشگاه لرستان، خرم آباد، ایران

2 Professor of Management Department .School of Management and Economics, Lorestan University, Khoraam Abad, Iran

3 Associate Professor of Management Department, School of Management and Economics, Lorestan University, Khoraam Abad, Iran


The administration of Iran’s provinces and the role the governors play to administer these provinces raises a question about the performance dimensions of Iranian governors. Practically, the governors act as the state representatives, whose optimal performance is accounted for the final performance of the government. The purpose of this study is to identify and prioritize the dimensions of performance appraisal of the governors of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This study is a mixed research and has used qualitative and quantitative approaches. In the qualitative part of the study, we distributed a questionnaire among eighteen Iranian public administration and strategic management professors, governors and senior administrators of the ministry of Interior. In order to identify the governors' performance evaluation dimensions we used triangular fuzzy technic. The statistical population of the quantitative part of the study consisted of senior managers of the Ministry of Interior and governors. Using purposive sampling method, forty five persons were selected as the research sample. We used thematic analysis method and analyzed daja with the help of Atlas T software that led to the identification of 12 dimensions of governors' performance evaluation:. geographical knowledge, cultural awareness, social maturity, political perception, economic growth, welfare development, stakeholder satisfaction, level of Security, social capital, political participation, interaction and productivity. Prioritization of these dimensions showed that cultural awareness is the most important and political perception as the least important dimension of governors' performance evaluation.